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Our Story

Abel Boards came about in 1995. After years of working with wood in my home workshop, I wondered how Corian® would be to work with as an alternative craft material.

I contacted a local company that fabricates and installs Corian® products to see if a few pieces of scrap material could be purchased. I found that it was a great material to work with and several cutting boards were made. I showed the cutting boards to a number of people and they loved them and wanted several of their own. An agreement was made with the local company to purchase all of their scrap material. This scrap material would have gone into land fills and further cluttered our environment. In fact, I have a gentleman that takes our scraps for his craft projects.

People then began asking me to make boards in different shapes. So, I went back to my woodworking roots and used patterns for creating novelty boards. I have also had several people provide me with patterns of their own to create custom boards. I am more than happy to use your design idea or pattern for a board, so please contact me and I’ll see what I can do to make it for you.

As we are using “scrap” material and to get the most effective use of the pieces, we price our regular board by the square inch. Therefore, we can not guarantee exact length and widths but we will come as close to your request as possible. If you require an exact size please feel free to contact us.

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